Seeking More with Less

img_3593As mentioned in my earlier post, Making Room, I am becoming a minimalist. This new idea has made me really think about all of the stuff in my life. How much do I really need to live? The answer is not much at all.

I’ve started to clean out random places in my home. I’ve started small, and over the past month and a half, have gotten rid of a ton of stuff. I still have a lot to go through, but I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel. A new level of calm has entered my home and it feels amazing! Who knew all of this stuff was weighing me down, stressing me out, and getting in the way of what I truly value?

It all boils down to this, I don’t want to spend my life cleaning, organizing, and being overwhelmed all of the time. I don’t want to have so many options that I can’t make a quick decision. If I have less stuff, there’s less to take care of and fewer decisions to make, freeing up my time for the things I actually care about like my relationship with God, family, friends, personal growth, and health.

Ask yourself this question, what would I choose to do if I had a few extra hours of time per week? Then ask yourself, how much time does it take to keep up with all of my stuff? How much time do I spend choosing and looking for the clothes I want to wear? How much time do I spend looking for things I’ve lost? If you are like me, you could easily gain those few extra hours of time per week by simply having less.

I truly believe having less is the key to unlock great potential in my life. If I could spend those extra hours making memories with my family, learning a new skill, taking care of my health, or praying for the needs of others, imagine the great things that would happen as a result of just having less. It seems kind of ironic, but by having less, I would be gaining more.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Please share by leaving a comment below!