Fearless Wisdom

I’m a planner. I’m cautious. I need to know how things will work out before I ever take a step. But lately, I’ve realized that fear of failure is holding me back from reaching my full potential in God and making a difference in this world. Yes, He wants me to be wise, but he called me to walk by faith and not by sight. He did not create me to fear. He did not create me to worry. He created me to live by FAITH. He created me to TRUST.

Maybe being wise is not making a carefully calculated decision based on all the facts and details. Maybe being wise is placing all my fears, worries, and questions in God’s hands and leaving them there. Maybe being wise is putting myself in a place to hear the voice of God in order to drown out the voices of this world.

Perhaps being wise could mean doing something that most would think is insane. We like to tie wisdom with common sense. But we all know that God doesn’t think like us! His ways are much higher than our ways.

Instead of listening to the voice of Fear, telling me that everything has to be perfect, that I’m not qualified, that I’m too late or that I don’t have enough experience, I will put my trust in God and ask Him to lead me where he wants me to be. I will start. I will take a step. I will spend time listening for His voice. If I can just hear God’s voice and receive one word from Him, then every fear, doubt and insecurity will melt away. One word from Him and no one else’s opinion matters.

This post may just be for me, but I have a feeling that I’m not the only one to which Fear has been speaking. If nothing else, I hope this post reminds you that you are not alone, (that’s exactly how Fear wants to make you feel). Just start. Take a step out of the boat and put your trust in God. You might fall, it may not work out perfectly, but it will be okay as long as you keeping trusting and seeking God. Listen for His voice and He will speak to you.


  1. Heather

    This morning, the verse God gave me was where Jesus was saying, “Have faith in God.” Great post! Thanks for sharing your “thoughtful scribbles”!

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