Jesus is my Doctor

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how far I’ve come over the past year when it comes to my health. I’m nowhere near where I desire to be, but my mind has been blown by the many truths about health that God has led me to this year.

He cares about the way we feel! When doctors couldn’t find anything, I went to the one who created me! He has become my Doctor this year and I’m so thankful!

I’ve literally been listening to or reading something and had to stop and have a praise break because I knew it was God who led me to that bit of truth!

Sometimes when you feel bad day after day you wonder if you will ever feel good or normal again! There have been some really low points in the past few years but God is so faithful!

If you find yourself in any situation that may seem impossible today, ask God to help you figure it out! I’m a living witness that He is the missing piece that can turn any situation around! He will lead you step by step if you are willing to listen and follow.