Priority Series: People > Things

people-greater-than-thingsLately, I’ve spent time thinking about  what should really be important to me. Removing the unnecessary clutter from my home has shed light on one very important truth.

Things only bring temporary happiness.

At one point in time I thought that buying those things would make me happy, knowing all along that they could never bring lasting happiness. The new car smell wears off, the fashionable clothes get stained and faded, and the big new house becomes time consuming to maintain.

A nurse who worked with dying people wrote down the top regrets her patients had shared with her. One of those were that they had spent too much time furthering their careers and trying to get ahead that they neglected their family and friends.

When I get to the end of my life and look back, I don’t want to regret chasing things, when all along, I could have been enjoying meaningful relationships with family and friends. These are the “things” that are truly important. People.

My dental hygienist was just telling me this week about how she was putting off some home renovations and repairs this weekend because her small boys wanted to go to a pumpkin patch!  She said, “The repairs can wait, I want to make memories.” What if, instead of collecting things, we started collecting memories with the people we love?

I’m on a mission to let the people in my life know how much I value them! Not with just lip service, but by giving them my time. I’m making the people in my life a priority. I’m cutting out distractions and focusing on being present with my husband and daughter. I’m taking all of the opportunities I can to spend with our parents and families. I’m trying to soak in the wisdom of mine and my husband’s grandparents while I can. I’m making plans with friends who challenge me to open my mind to new ideas and a greater level of commitment to God. No physical possession could ever compare to quality time spent with the special people God has placed in my life.


  1. Shaina K

    Great read. Thanks for the reminder. Any tips on decluttering would be appreciated. I seem to have the same problem. I stay busy trying to keep the house clean and therefore lack time to spend just playing with the kids.

    • Dianna G.

      Thank you, Kim! There are so many things that fill our time that aren’t as important as we make them out to be! Getting my priorities in order!

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